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Terms of Service for CuteCubs.store

Version: TOS-Ver002 | Last Updated: January 2024

Welcome to CuteCubs.store, operated by Blue Beard Enterprises LLC. By using our website and services, you're agreeing to the terms outlined here. We’ve made these terms clear and user-friendly, so please take a moment to read through.

Contact Information

  • Email: hello[at]cutecubs.store (Note: Email address is written with brackets for spam protection)
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +1 914 370 7035
  • Office Address: 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington, DE 19809, USA
  • Visitors Note: Our office does not accept visitors without prior notification and invitation.

1. Using Our Online Store

  • Age Requirement: You should be of legal age in your state or province to use our site, or have a guardian's permission.
  • Legal Use: Keep it legal! Don’t use our products for anything illegal or that violates any laws.
  • Violation Consequences: Breaking these terms may lead to termination of our services.

2. Our Right to Refuse Service

  • Refusal Rights: We can refuse service to anyone at any time.
  • Data Handling: Your non-credit card info might be transferred unencrypted, but credit card info is always encrypted.
  • No Unauthorized Use: Copying, selling, or exploiting any part of our service without our permission is a no-go.

3. Information Accuracy

  • Current Information: We aim to keep our site’s info accurate, but can't guarantee it.
  • Use at Your Own Risk: Rely on our site's info wisely and consult primary sources when needed.

4. Changes in Service and Prices

  • Price Adjustments: Prices for our products can change without notice.
  • Service Changes: We might modify or discontinue the service without notice.

5. Products or Services

  • Online Availability: Some offers are exclusive to our online store.
  • Visual Accuracy: We’ve tried to accurately display our products, but can't guarantee your screen's display.
  • Sales Limits: We may limit sales of our products or services.

6. Billing and Account Information

  • Order Management: We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders.
  • Accurate Information: Keep your account info up to date for smooth transactions.

7. Optional Third-Party Tools

  • Third-Party Tools: We might give you access to third-party tools, without endorsement or responsibility.

8. Third-Party Links

  • External Links: Our site may include third-party content.
  • No Responsibility for Third Parties: Transactions or content from third parties are at your risk.

9. User Comments and Feedback

  • Use of Comments: We can use your feedback without restrictions.
  • Responsibility for Comments: Your comments should be lawful and accurate.

10. Personal Information

Privacy Policy: See our Privacy Policy for how we handle your personal information.

11. Errors and Omissions

  • Corrections: We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in our service or on our website.

12. Prohibited Uses

  • Lawful Use Only: Use our site lawfully and don’t engage in prohibited activities.

13. Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

  • Service As-Is: Our service is provided without warranties and use is at your own risk.
  • Limited Liability: Our liability is limited as allowed by law.

14. Indemnification

  • Your Agreement to Protect Us: Cover us against any claims related to your use of our service.

15. Severability

  • Enforceability of Terms: If any term is not enforceable, others still apply.

16. Termination

  • Ongoing Obligations: Some responsibilities persist even after termination.
  • Termination Rights: Both you and we can terminate this agreement under certain conditions.

17. Entire Agreement

  • Complete Terms: These terms represent our full agreement with you.

18. Governing Law

  • Delaware Law: These terms are governed by the laws of Delaware.

19. Changes to Terms

  • Updates: Check our site for the latest version of these terms.
  • Acceptance of Changes: Continuing to use our site means accepting new terms.

20. Get In Touch

  • Questions? Contact us at hello[at]cutecubs.store or +1 914 370 7035.

Thank you for choosing CuteCubs.store!
We’re excited to have you with us.